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Weeding - Tips to Make Life Easy

Weeding - Tips to Make Life Easy

Weeding may not be the funnest job but it is definitely crucial in achieving a beautiful garden! Follow these tips below to help make life easier when you next go outside to weed!


Believe it or not, your hands are not the best tool for weeding. Mainly because you may not be able to entirely remove the weed. The best tool will enable you to loosen the soil and remove the WHOLE PLANT. 

Ideal tools can be cultivators, hoes or even a shovel or spading fork depending on how deeply rooted or how clustered your weeds are. 


Go after the roots and ALL the vegetation. Fully remove the plant so that it doesn’t have a chance to grow back!


If you want to make life easy on yourself, get out and weed right after it rains. This creates moist and loosened soil. Even giving your garden a water before you start will make weed pulling so much easier! 


Spraying is the best way to eradicate weeds from the garden but beware - don’t spray on a windy day, as you may accidentally kill plants!

We recommend Weedmaster Argo 20L as it sets a new standard for convenient and effective one-pass knockdown control. With 540 g/L glyphosate, Weedmaster ARGO is the most powerful Dual Salt Technology glyphosate formulation yet.

Grab a Nuleaf custom spray pack which is the perfect compact little spray pack for the home garden or hobby farm that is built to last!

Ground covers

After weeding, you could try using plants that suppress weeds from growing again because if you leave the garden bare, weeds will come back! 

Weed Plants that assist in stifling weeds are; mondo grass, Grevillea ‘Royal Mantle’, Ajuga reptans, Hedera canariensis, Liriopes, Trachelopspermum asiaticum, Convolvulus sabatius.

Weed matting

Weed matting can be laid down before planting to prevent weeds around your plants. You can burn a hole through the matting for the plant to grow through, then simply cover the weed matting with mulch. 

Nuleaf Horticulture and Irrigation Premium Weed Control Mats have been designed to halt weed encroachment, while still giving the opportunity for airflow and water to enrich soil. 


The final step to your perfectly weeded garden is to mulch. The current trend is for lucerne as it gives the soil extra benefits, has a pleasant smell and is easy to lay.

Lucerne mulches break down in about three months in wet weather and is great for rose gardens and vegetable gardens

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