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6 Steps to Make Your Grass Greener


Suffering from lawn envy? Take advantage of this time at home and let’s make your grass greener now. Following these 6 simple steps will result in a thriving lawn in time for spring!

With autumn and a new widespread virus upon us you're probably not spending much time thinking about your lawn. However with slightly cooler temperatures setting in, now is actually the best time to prepare your lawn.

During this time of year, grass is absorbing energy, moisture, and nutrients in preparation for winter. Giving it attention now will give you that lush, healthy lawn you’ve been dreaming of. Best of all, you can get there in six easy steps.


Continue to water and mow your lawn as needed, then for the last two cuttings before winter, drop the mower’s blade to its lowest setting. This will allow the sunlight to reach the crown of the grass and in turn, result in less browning of the lawn during the colder season.

*Pro Mowing Tip: Don’t lower the blade if it trims off more than one-third of the grass blade. Gradually lower over time to get to the lowest setting for the final two cuttings.

Aerate the Soil

Autumn is an ideal time to aerate your lawn so that oxygen, water, and fertiliser can easily reach the grass's roots. You can purchase aerators or hire a local landscaper to carry out the service for you. 

Rake the Leaves

Leaves that have fallen need to be raked as soon as possible to avoid them becoming wet from rain or the morning dew. This would cause them to stick together and they may suffocate the grass.

Leaf blowers and mowers with a collection bag system can also be useful on larger yards.


Now is the best time to fertilise your lawn! Grass grows slower in the cooler weather however the roots continue to grow quickly. Therefore fertilising now delivers essential nutrients for the roots to grow and reserve nutrients.

Apply a lawn fertiliser to all grassy areas; be careful not to miss any spots. We recommend using an Easy Handheld Fertiliser Spreader as the best way to apply an even, consistent layer of fertilizer.

Fill in Bald Spots

A perfect lawn does not have bald spots! The quickest way to fix any bald spots in your yard is with an all-in-one lawn repair mixture.  This ready-to-use mixture contains grass seed, a special quick-starter lawn fertiliser, and organic mulch.

Follow the directions on the mixture, which usually instructs to scratch loose the soil (use a garden rake), then spread a thick layer over the area. Lightly compact the mixture, water thoroughly, and continue watering as instructed.

Weed Control

It is time to reclaim your yard from weeds! Luckily - weeds drink in everything that comes their way, including weed killers. Apply an appropriate herbicide now and the weeds won't return in the spring.

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