Searles Garden & Vegetable Plant Food 2.5Kg

by Searles

- Promotes strong healthy plant growth.

- Promotes healthy fruit and vegetables.

- Promotes bright healthy looking flowers.

NPK: 10.5 : 3.3 : 10

Searles Garden & Vegetable Plant Food is a complete plant food containing essential nutrients plus trace elements, which combine to aid healthy root and leaf growth and flower formation.

Searles Garden & Vegetable Plant Food is suitable for a wide range of vegetables, flowers, seedlings, shrubs, fruit trees, ornamentals, perennials, bulbs and lawns. It can be added into growing media prior to planting or added to the surfaces for established plants and trees.

If the soil is low in organic matter, use any one of Searles wide range of manures, Premium Organic Compost and 5IN1® Organic Fertiliser.