Searles Dead Ant Granular 2.5Kg

by Searles

- Broad coverage - 1kg treats up to 130m2.
- Can be used on a broad range of ants.
- Easy to apply granules - simply sprinkle on.
- Available size: 1kg.
Active Constituent: 2g/Kg Bifenthrin.
Searles Dead Ant Pro Granules are a cost-effective method of control for a broad range of different ants in home gardens and lawns. Ants can create many problems in home gardens including building mounds in lawn areas, creating dry impenetrable soil, spreading other pest activity such as scale and aphids and sometimes very painful bites. By controlling ant activity, the incidence of these problems can be greatly reduced. Where there are other related pest activity, such as scale or aphids, these may also need to be controlled in conjunction with the ants.
Always be sure to read the full label and follow all directions.