Kendral 600

by Kendon

Description:  Non-ionic surfactant, wetting, and spreading agent 

Sizes:  1L, 5L

Area Treated:   Horticultural Sprays 10ml/100L water, Knockdown herbicide 200ml/100L water, Weedkiller Spray 12ml/100L water

Volume Mode:  The use of Kendrall 600 increases the effectiveness of sprays. Kendrall 600 will not damage plant foliage and blossom.

Contains:  600g/L Nonyl Phen

Where to use:  Is used as a wetting agent with insecticide, fungicides, and herbicides. This one wetter is suitable for use with a wide range of sprays. It is both convenient and cost-saving. Kendral 600 is a spray additive designed to increase the activity and efficiency of pesticides and herbicides through increased wetting and improve spray coverage.

When to use:  Follow directions for use recommendations.

Use rate:  Rate varies from 10ml to 200ml per 100L water 

Useful Tips:  Non-ionic surfactant, can be used with alkaline sprays, non-flammable, spray only to the point where the leaves are just wet. Spraying beyond this point will encourage runoff and wastage of chemicals.

Restrictions:  Avoid contact with eyes to prevent possible irritation.

Main Usage Period:  All year