Grundfos JP 4-54 Jet Pump


Grundfos JP are self-priming, single-stage centrifugal pumps with stainless-steel pump housings, designed for a wide range of garden and domestic applications, including water supply and transfer duties in the home.

Suitable for

  • Domestic ground water intake

    JP 4-54 S-BBVP

    Grundfos JP 4-54 S-BBVP is a self-priming single-stage centrifugal jet pump with axial inlet and radial outlet for easy adaption to local piping system. The JP pump is ideal for transferring water from wells or ground tanks in a large variety of installations and it has excellent suction capacity.

    The JP pump is designed for a long and trouble-free operation. The overall design is robust with excellent corrosion resistance ensured by the stainless steel pump housing, composite impeller and paint application by electrophoresis. JP is small and compact with a lifting handle that makes the pump handy and easy to carry. The compact pump features a build in ejector with guide vanes. This ensures optimum self-priming properties, featuring a suction-lift up to 8 meters. The self-priming pump also ensures a stable operation as is it able to lift liquid from below the inlet level and can handle a mix of air and liquid until the pump reaches a fully-primed pumping condition.

    The JP pump has built-in thermal protection, which immediately stops the pump if it overheats. The motor is air cooled and equipped with oversized, sealed, greased-for-life ball bearings to ensure silent operation and minimum service.


    Pumped liquid:    Water
    Liquid temperature range:    0 .. 40 °C
    Selected liquid temperature:    20 °C
    Density:    998.2 kg/m³

    Rated flow:    4 m³/h
    Primary shaft seal:    BBVP
    Approvals on nameplate:    CE,EAC
    Curve tolerance:    ISO9906:2012 3B
    Rated driver speed:    2800 rpm