Dosatron D128 27LPM Dosing Injection Pump


Dosatron's 28lpm, flat-top D128R Injector has withstood the test of time. More than 30 years of field experience have shown this to be the injector of choice for most producers.

It's installed directly in the water supply line and uses water pressure as its power source, The water activates the Dosatron®, which then takes up the required concentrate percentage and mixes it with water. The water pressure forces the solution downstream. The dose of concentrate is directly proportional to the volume of water entering the Dosatron®, regardless of variations in flow or pressure in the main line.

  • 3 Fixed Ratios: 1:200, 1:128, 1:100
  • Injection Percentages: 0.5% to 1%
  • Housing Material: Polyacetal (Standard Blue)