Banrot 400WP 907g

by ICL

Banrot 400WP- wettable powder delivers dependable, long-lasting control of damping-off and root and stem rot-soil pathogens on a variety of bedding, foliage, and container plants. It has very low solubility which means Banrot stays where it is applied. This allows for long term effectiveness while minimising leaching from the container.

The broad spectrum of Banrot eliminates the labour and expense of tank mixing. Along with its contact and systemic action, low leaching, and reduced resistance concerns, Banrot provides proven protection for up to 8 weeks. 


  • Broad-spectrum eliminates the need for separate fungicides
  • Banrot is fungicidal, not fungi-static, it kills rather than suppresses target pathogens
  • WP formulation suited for drench applications
  • Significantly less soluble than other fungicides, reducing potential problems from leaching
  • Systemic and contact activity on target pathogens, root, stem fungi
  • Provides protection for up to 8 weeks

Directions of Use:

Banrot 400WP has been tested and shown to be safe on a wide range of plants when used as directed. However it is not practical to test all plant types and varieties that may be treated with Banrot 400WP and therefore when other plants not listed are being treated, a small test should first be conducted before treating large areas or numbers. Over-dosage may result in toxicity to sensitive plants.

Application Method: Rate
Incorporating  60gm/m3
Drench  4-8g/m2 in up to 10L water