200mm Squat Plastic Pot


This 200mm Squat Plastic Pot is ideal for potting seedlings and growing herbs, flowers, and much more! They are durable pots that will allow you to reuse them for years to come.

The Squat Euro offers a shallower than standard container height which benefits shallower rooting plants and cost benefits of less soil or medium per container. It also includes a distinctive drainage pattern that is ideally suited to capillary watering. Benching avoids wastage occurring from overhead watering, the bottom-up feeding practice, and can also lengthen the cycle for fertilization. 

GCP squat pots promote less risk of soil-borne disease, help eliminate weed problems, and have adequate drainage.


Diameter (mm) 200
Height (mm) 150
Volume (L)  3.3

Note: Choose QUANTITY from the dropdown list