V-FLO 5.0 GPM - 42755 Series

by V-Flo

VFLO 5.0 GPM (19 LPM) Constant Flow Water Pressure Pumps


Model No.: 42755 Series

  • Variable Flow - Motor speed increases as increased flow is required.
  • Self priming
  • Quiet, no water hammer
  • Runs dry without damage
  • No accumulator tank needed
  • Conserves power by utilizing only the power needed
  • Snap fit port fittings - for easy installation with a variety of connection possibilities.

This variable flow, constant water pressure pump features technology to make your on-board water experience the same as you would expect on land. Capable of a flow rate up to 5.0 GPM (19 LPM), V-Flo is powered by a variable speed drive that delivers constant, consistent water pressure on demand. This enables pump startup and shut-off to be gradual, meaning no water hammer to shock your pipes or ears. It also reduces power consumption, making the motor super quiet at normal demand levels. It’s revolutionary, providing the sophisticated performance that boat owners increasingly demand.