Searles Professional Potting Mix 30L

by Searles

Searles Professional Potting Mix is a premium potting mix that will provide excellent results in all potting scenarios. Searles Potting Mix utilises a special blend that is organically based and orientated towards superior plant growth. Searles Professional Potting Mix is also boosted with Robust and Searles Flourish, both of which work to provide feed for 4 or more months and accelerated growth. In terms of water retention, this mix will provide perfect water retention whilst also allowing for the perfect amount of drainage. 

Searles Professional Potting Mix is a high-grade premium potting mix containing a special blend of finely selected ingredients.

This mix has excellent water retention properties while also allowing ideal drainage, providing the right growing conditions for your loved plants.

- Boosted with 9 month Robust® fertiliser for long term healthy plant growth.

- Added Searles Flourish® soluble fertiliser for rapid response and accelerated growth.

- Organic-based formula for superior plant growth and health.

- Saves water with water crystals & Searles Penetraide.

- Excellent premium potting mix (indoor, outdoor and semi-shade).