Initiator Systemic Plant Insecticide and Fertiliser 3Kg

by Bayer

A combination of the systemic insecticide imidacloprid with a slow-release fertiliser for use in the improvement of the establishment of eucalypt trees, Azaleas, Lillypillies, Magnolias, Potted Palms, Roses by providing growth enhancement and long term protection against insect damage. Labeled for use against African black beetle, Chrysomelid leaf beetle, Psyllid, Gum tree scale, Heteronyx spring beetle, Aphid, Mealybug, Scale, Azalea lace bug. Visit to download the label and SDS.


Provides both enhanced growths as well as long term insect protection
Has been shown to protects eucalypt trees against the damage caused by various insects for up to 18 months.
Has also been shown to provide extended protection against other pests of ornamental plants.
Can be used in sensitive areas (eg. buffer zones adjacent to waterways) where spraying is not possible
One application has the same effect as multiple foliar sprays
High level of safety to the operator (no mixing or measuring required)
Slow-release formulation minimises the risk of leaching in the soil