Hardi 364 Pump

by Hardi

The Hardi 364 Pump is the perfect tool for crop protection and liquid fertiliser application. The high capacity six diaphragm positive displacement radial pump means great coverage and application. This pump can be run dry, rotate clockwise and anticlockwise, is self-priming, and has a dry sump for ease of maintenance. 


  • Polyurethane diaphragms and seals
  • Cast iron crankcase and covers 
  • Stainless steel bolts and plates for diaphragms 
  • 2" BSP suction port, 1-1/4" BSP pressure port 
  • 6-splined 13/8" shaft, for tractor use
  • Normal operating revolutions, 540 r/min 
  • Maximum pressure, 15 bar/220 PSI
  • Maximum vacuum, 0.58 bar/ 8.5PSI 
  • Weight 66.7kg