Florafert Elevate Z 25lt


The perfect low nitrogen, high potassium fertiliser for nutrient programmes that aim to minimise annual nitrogen application. Particularly useful for any application with the inclusion of magnesium and iron boosting plant health, leaf colour and hardiness. Specially formulated with seaweed and zeolites to increase cation exchange capacity, provide trace elements and to stimulate the uptake of nutrients.

Anaylysis: 7-0-12-13S +1.2Mg +4Fe +5%Seaweed +5%Zeolite
Size: 1-2mm, 150SGN

Directions for Use

Suitable for all turf applications. Apply at a rate of 250–350 kg of product per Hectare (2.5–3.5 kg per 100m2). This product can be applied through the main season or refer to nutritional program, if following one, for application timings and amounts. Avoid applying during hot weather or long periods of drought. For best results apply on a dry surface and water in after application.

Application Rates Light feeding Normal feeding Heavy feeding
Turf 25 g/m2 30 g/m2 35 g/m2
Longevity Guide 4–6 Weeks