Bahco Green Wood Spare Blades for Bow Saw

by Bahco
Green Wood Spare Blade for 10-24-23/10-24-51/SE-15-24 Bow Saw 24"  23-24
Green Wood Spare Blade for 10-21-51/332-21-51/332-21-51-KP/SE-16-21/SE-16-21-23 Bow Saw 21"  23-21

  • Suitable for sawing in greenwood
  • Hardened and tempered high-quality steel
  • Easier cutting in greenwood from the raker teething
  • Longer lasting performance with the high-frequency, induction hardened points
  • Rust-prevention treated and packed in an individual sleeve printed with graphically illustrated text for correct blade selection
  • Tooth points high-frequency, heat induction hardened for long-lasting performance