140mm TEKU Squat Pot (Soft Plastic)


The TEKU VCH series round pots are a tall container of 5° angle. Expect rapid growth and healthy plants due to ideal watering and drainage. Very low failure rates, roots are not adversely affected or damaged by exposure to light.

Easy de-nesting from the stack and easily stacked. The patented facet rim and a high degree of lateral stability ensure easy de-nesting from the stack in the pot magazine and promotes error-free stacking.

Better handling, U-Rim for modern spacing-machine applications. The deburred raw edge is especially user-friendly and reduces the risk of injury. With no mounting feet, the pots offer maximum stability on conveyor belts.

Economical via reduced transport costs as an optimal diameter and improved fit increase loading quota per CC container. Use of recycled materials and low material usage thanks to continuous design optimisation.



Diameter (mm) 140
Height (mm) 122
Volume (L) 1.25

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