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B-3 National Walking Sprinkler

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B-3 National Walking Sprinkler


B-3 National Walking Sprinkler

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National Walking Sprinkler B3

The National Walking Sprinkler is the original walking sprinkler that moves itself, traveling back along the hose at either of two speeds; 20 or 40 feet per hour, putting down as much as 7/8 inch of water along its path, from 4 ft. to 50 ft. wide. Route the hose around obstacles to get into areas you might normally miss. You can also use the Walking Sprinkler as a stationary sprinkler. Several models are available, for either home or commercial use.


  •   Drenches soil for deep water penetration

  •   Efficient: Covers evenly as it travels, no waste from overwatering

  •   Two speeds, covers a path from 4 ft. to 50 ft. wide, rugged steel construction, built for years of carefree use

  •   Applies approximately 7/8 inch of water over a wide course, travelling 20 or 30 ft. per hour (at slow speed). At high speed, the sprinkler will travel at approximately 30 to 40 feet per hour and put down approximately 1/2 inch of water. Your travelling speed and the amount of water applied can vary depending upon operating conditions. Factory calculations used 5/8 inch diameter garden hose (recommended, 1/2 inch diameter can be used but there is a chance

  •  The tractor's front wheel may jump off the hose). Calculations also used 44 psi faucet pressure which is normal for most municipalities (private wells can be lower or higher, never exceed 65 psi), and this gives you a 25 ft. diameter spray pattern.

  •   All models have two speeds, which is easily changed by moving the position of the connecting rods on the crank arms. By attaching the connecting rod to the crank at the lower hole (hole closest to the axle the crank is bolted to, you will set the sprinkler at the slow speed. Bolt the connecting rod to the hole on the end of the crank, and you will set the unit at the highest speed.

  •   Lay your hose through the middle of the area needing water, using gentle curves around bushes, trees, and corners

  •   Use 5/8 inch plastic, or standard rubber hose, 1/2 inch hose is sometimes too small to guide the sprinkler around corners

  •   The Walking Sprinkler can be used as a stationary sprinkler by flipping the driving pawls out of engagement 

  •   All models come standard with aluminium spray arms.

  •   The frames and wheels on all National sprinklers are cast iron. All drive components are steel or brass, except the nylon drive gear as explained above, and the 3 internal gaskets. The models A5, A5-2, and B3, use the classic casting design used since 1938.

  •   Model B3: Heavy duty model, for use at estates, athletic fields, institutions, sprinkler is heavier so it pulls longer heavier hoses, hasstell drive gear and aluminium spray arms, weighs 32 lbs.