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Peters Professional Combi Sol 15kg


Peters Professional Combi Sol 15kg

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Peters Professional Combi-Sol is the ideal solution for application in combination with calcium nitrate (using the two-tank system). It has modified higher levels of trace elements for perfect results, even after dilution. Peters Professional Combi-Sol can also be used as a complete fertilizer. The product has an N:K ratio of 1:6 for compact plant growth. It is ideal when the irrigation water contains high levels of nitrogen.

  • Small granules which easily dissolve; 100% water soluble. 
  • Pure formulation, no ballast substances.
  • Contains NPK, magnesium and trace elements.
  • Fast plant response after application.
  • Developed for peat based cultures (pot plants, bedding plants and container nursery stock).
  • Only Peters fertilizers contains the unique M-77 chelating formula!